Fue adonde a mí me perdieron

que logré por fin encontrarme?

– Pablo Neruda

(“Was it where they lost me

that I finally found myself?”)

as dramatic as the quote above and my domain name sound, i assure you this is not a collection of Sylvia Plath’s hitherto undiscovered writings. (i merely jest, please note – i love Plath’s poetry and have always been in awe with the magical way she turns words into rhythmic art.)

so what’s all this about, then?
i love to write. that is all.
i named this blog “Paper and Keyboard” because although the truest way to express this love will always be good, old-fashioned pen and paper; carving a space for yourself on the Internet means leaving behind perfectly good stationery and trying to be chums with your keyboard.

i am a 21 year old human being who would like to be defined by her love for the written word, for the magic of cinema and for the rarely mastered art of Sarcasm.
this is my space for escape, where i do not have to pretend to be someone i am not, to discover similar weirdos from across the globe (and dissimilar weirdos also welcome as long as you are weird and awesome) and in the process figure out who i really am, whether i was an ocean being in a past life and other pressing existential questions.

i’m not putting up a long list of things i like/love/don’t love so much because every blog post would eventually reveal them bit by bit, and i’d rather the person reading the ‘about’ section be inclined to read my blog further than yawn and move on to more interesting things.

so welcome! and feel free to talk about yourself or myself or the world or the Milky Way (though i hope you allow me time to catch up on my regular viewing of Cosmos before we do this) or how adorable lion cubs are – seriously, i can talk about anything!



  1. bronxboy55 · March 30, 2014

    It’s always nice to meet a fellow weirdo and writer, although that may be redundant.

    Good luck with the blog!


    • dumbintellectual · March 30, 2014

      Haha, perfectly put! Thank you for taking the time to drop by, means a lot.


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